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Meet 'Queen,' the visionary co-founder of Knotty Naturals. A graduate of Chowan University and Bennett Career Institute, Queen's journey is rooted in knowledge and experience. She grew up immersed in Kemetic teachings, which have shaped her holistic approach to hair and body care. Queen is not only the curator of Knotty Naturals' exceptional products but also the driving force behind the brand's day-to-day operations. With her deep commitment to natural beauty and wellness, Queen brings a touch of wisdom and authenticity to everything we do.




Introducing 'Mr. Knotty Naturals,' the heart and soul of our brand. With over two decades of experience, Naz is a true master loctician, infusing his wisdom and expertise into every strand. As a seasoned holistic educator and holding master's degrees from Morris Brown and George Washington University, his knowledge is a guiding force behind our holistic approach. Naz's diverse journey includes time spent as a former NASA employee, adding a touch of the cosmos to his earthly wisdom. His roots in Rastafarian and Ethiopian influences have shaped our brand's unique character and commitment to natural beauty. Naz's presence is the thread that ties the ethos of Knotty Naturals together, creating a tapestry of holistic excellence

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